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Hello there! My name is Antony Shepherd and I am a versatile designer with experience across both digital and traditional platforms. Originally from London, I have been based in Dubai for the past eight years, and have had the privilege of working in-house as well as freelance.

My work primarily focuses on branding, illustrations, concept design, and digital design, including UI/UX. I absolutely love taking ideas and turning them into reality through storytelling and design.

In addition to my design experience, I have also had the opportunity to manage teams from concept to completion on multiple projects. As a result, I have developed a strong understanding of project management and am able to effectively lead a team to achieve successful outcomes. I am comfortable collaborating with cross-functional teams, ensuring that everyone is aligned on the project objectives and timelines. Through my leadership, I try foster a positive and collaborative work environment, where team members feel empowered to bring their best ideas forward.

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