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Born in London, UK, 1982

1998 - 2001 Studied at Richmond upon Thames College Art and Design

2001- 2004 Studied at Hertfordshire University (Fine Art Painting), Herts

I'm an Illustrator / Designer and Artist. I studied fine art, art history, graphic design, fashion design and product design through my years of education. I Love all forms of art and creativity which inspired me to take on fine art and further explore the philosophical side to art. I have always been a fan of portraiture, when I was studying I would take extra classes at night to learn life drawing/painting and exploring different materials from pastels to oils to digital methods.

 After university i started my career as graphic designer and worked my way up to a Senior Art Director where i was able to use my experience in guiding projects as well as managing teams. For a while i was a free-lance artist and worked on many projects for: The Sundays times, air 3, Avantgarde, Porsche, Mercedes, MBC, Sandisk, F1, Fifa, Swerve, Pepsi and Liquid Thread. I worked full time as a Designer and Art Director for companies such as: Blue Baboon Digital, BSkyB, Amplify Marketing agency and Pique.

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