Roof is a first of its kind digital home service marketplace launched in 2020 that connects our customers with our trusted & vetted service providers



Workshops, Journey mapping, Design research, UI/UX Designer, Illustrator, Prototypes

The Problem:

The UAE has a lot of service provider options but many are unreliable and inconsistent with the quality of service they provide. Also, consumers would have to contact multiple providers which take up a lot of time and go through a trial and error process with each company before finding there prefered provider.

Roofs Objective:

To showcase the best of all services regarding reliability, consistency, value for money and customer service all at the touch of a button.​
The Strategy

We assembled a list of key stakeholders for Roof consisting of CEO, Business Development Manager, Contracted Service providers and Roofs in-house marketing team. We held focus groups and conducted surveys to gather research on the market and Roof's closest competitors. After this, I ran a workshop with the stakeholders to work out the most important aspect of this app through Interviews, Creating personas, Journey mapping, Crazy 8's, Doodling, Solution voting and Storyboarding. 

From this, I created the low fi prototypes, conducted user testing and reviewed the feedback with the stakeholders and defined the next steps.

Create an app that encourages user onboarding, rewards referring and promotes user loyalty.

Journey Maping

Mobile app

Designing Patterns

I then began designing a visual language of color, typography, and scale for the tool. I approached this from two ways. Bottom up, I designed individual visual elements. For example, I established conventions and behavior for buttons and interactive elements.
On the flip side, I took a holistic view of the system as I worked, ensuring that all elements worked together. This meant standardized spacing, a consistent monochrome color scheme, type sizes pulled from our living style guide. This brought the UI together and painted a cohesive experience for our user.
Designing the Flow

First, I tackled the ordering journey, this is split up into two paths. Path one is for ASAP bookings

under the order now button which we aimed to have mostly automated after the first order to make the flow more efficient.

The other path is to book an event which has to be booked a day in advance and requires more details and stages, for example, time of the event, the longevity of the event, type of event, budget and so on. 

Desert Chill App and Website


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