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Purveyors of delicious ice cream treat's to the entire UAE


Desert chill is a delivery service in the UAE that brings the ice-cream van experience to your door.


The Problem:

Desert Chill encountered a major market challenge due to the emergence of competitors on platforms like Deliveroo and Careem. In response, and to maintain competitiveness without sacrificing quality or diminishing the customer experience, it became crucial for the brand to develop an app. This app would offer a unique and convenient experience, featuring an 'on-demand Ice Cream Van Man' service, as opposed to the standard delivery box service provided by competitors. This strategy aimed to meet the evolving expectations of their customers.

The Objective:

To establish real-time connections with their customers and create a seamless, efficient experience, We focused on developing an app tailored to these goals.

The Strategic Approach:

Our strategic approach involved several key steps. Initially, we compiled a list of all important stakeholders and organized a workshop. During this workshop, we focused on discussing the essential functions of the app for our primary target audiences. We also explored how we envisioned the app to grow and evolve, developing multiple vital functions for future implementation. An important part of this process was mapping out customer journeys and identifying ways to enhance the Unique Selling Point (USP) without compromising the nostalgic experience of the Ice Cream Van Man.

Based on these discussions, we streamlined our feature requirements for the app. We determined that a customer should be able to:

  1. Create a profile and save multiple addresses.

  2. View the driver's location and estimate delivery times.

  3. Generate a minimum order based on the delivery radius.

  4. Place orders for immediate service or book for an event.

  5. Add payment details.

  6. Opt for a 'pay by cash' option, catering specifically to the GCC market.

  7. Contact the driver once the order is confirmed.

  8. View real-time progress reports.

  9. Receive push notifications about truck locations, offers, or events.


Mobile app

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Research Phase:

To better understand the needs and pain points of Desert Chill's target customers, we conducted a survey with 200 individuals. The questionnaire aimed to collect detailed information about customer preferences and experiences. The findings revealed a common concern: most customers felt uninformed about delivery times, which made it difficult for them to plan accordingly.

Further analysis of the company’s purchase history provided additional insights. We observed that the majority of web traffic on Desert Chill's site lasted less than 50 seconds, indicating that customers primarily visited the site to quickly locate the nearest driver and place an order.


This data was also instrumental in identifying key customer personas based on the nature of the orders. We categorized these into two main groups: everyday orders, predominantly placed by families, and event bookings, which were more common among corporate companies.

Adapting to Different Ordering Journeys:

Acknowledging the distinct nature of the ordering processes, we realized a need to pivot our approach. To address this, I divided the process into two separate paths.

The first path caters to immediate bookings, accessible via the 'Order Now' button. Our goal here was to streamline the process, making it mostly automated after the initial order to enhance efficiency.

The second path is designed for event bookings, which require at least a day's advance notice. This process is more detailed, involving several stages to gather specific information, such as the time and duration of the event, its type, budget, and other relevant details.

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Design System Development:

After concluding the workshops and research phases, I embarked on creating a visual language that encompassed color, typography, and scale for the tool. My approach was twofold.

First, using a bottom-up method, I focused on designing individual visual elements. This included establishing conventions and behaviors for buttons and other interactive elements, ensuring each component was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Next, I adopted a holistic perspective to ensure that all these elements harmonized effectively. This involved standardizing spacing, applying a consistent color scheme, and selecting type sizes from our living style guide. By integrating these elements, the user interface (UI) was unified, offering a cohesive and seamless experience for all Desert Chill users.

Finalising Phase:

As the project neared its deadline, my role as a product designer and creative lead intensified, focusing on meticulous management and coordination. I was responsible for overseeing both front-end and back-end development teams, ensuring that the app's completion aligned precisely with our planned vision, both visually and functionally.

As part of the wrap-up, I also prepared for the handover process, which included creating a comprehensive guide detailing the app’s functionality and design elements for future reference and maintenance. This ensured a smooth transition to the post-launch phase, where continuous monitoring and user feedback would guide further refinements.

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The Result:

The project's completion marked a significant triumph, substantially aiding Desert Chill in its strategic evolution. We successfully transitioned their operation from being primarily a reseller of products, such as those from Walls and Cadbury, to a production-led operation. This pivotal change was not just a business expansion; it represented a fundamental shift in their operational model.

This achievement set the stage for the second phase of Desert Chill's business strategy, which involved a comprehensive reevaluation and a subsequent rebranding. The rebranding process was aimed at aligning the company's image and messaging with its new business model, emphasizing its unique identity in the marketplace.

As a part of this phase, we focused on refining the brand's visual identity, developing new marketing strategies, and enhancing customer engagement tactics to reflect the evolved business focus. The result was not only a successful operational shift but also the establishment of a stronger, more distinct brand presence in the market.

Link to part 2 (Desert Chill Rebrand)

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User Experience

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