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Antony Shepherd

Creative Designer / Illustrator / Geek


About this Project

Food Co. is a food distribution company under the wing of Food Co. Holdings based in Abu Dhabi. They provide high quality food products and services for the HORECA & modern trade markets. 

Their traditional values and core brands offer not only value for money but high-quality food products. They take an innovative approach to packaging making sure the products are fresh and look great.


The UAE is their main market which has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. Food Co. felt they needed a complete rebrand of the Holding company and all the brands under its umbrella in order to stay current in the modern market. 


The project involved redesigning the website, updating the branding, stationary, social media platforms and all the packaging for their food items that were currently in the market and also items they planned to introduce in the near future.

Our solution​

The first stage of the project was to look at the current positioning of Food Co. within the market and identify its USP. We then looked at subcategories such as fruit and veg, poultry and meat, fish and seafood, rice and non-consumables they offered and created identities for each one.

Deliverables included:

- Creating new identities for range

- Developing new brands and brand guidelines 

- Redesigning packaging and overseeing print production

- Creating the advertising campaign both in print and digital

- Redesigning websites and stationary

- Manning the social media and guidelines

- Branding uniforms and food trucks



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