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Harrison Rowe Private Wealth Branding and Digital Design

Harrison Rowe Private Wealth was established to provide effective, professional financial advice and wealth management to people just like you.

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We nurture and protect your finances to help you realise your dreams

With our proven track record of market-leading performance and standards, you can be sure that when you trust your financial future to us, it’s in good hands.


The Problem:

Harrison Rowe was facing the problem of being lumped in with all of the Unlicensed financial advisories operating globally. The horror stories you hear from lost savings to badly invested pensions.

The Objective:

To give Harrison Rowe a face, to do this  they needed to be open and transparent. For people to trust them with their money they would need to connect on a personal level not just the amount of qualifications they have. 
The Strategy

We assembled a team consisting key stakeholders for Harrison Rowe. We iditified there key personas, The problematic rumors surrounding the industry and what sets Harrison Rowe apart from this.

We discussed how we wanted to humanize all of the advisors and make there backgrounds more accessible as well as all the information on the products they are offering. 


We ran mock interviews and surveys, from this we made a list ways we can offer more information about Harrison Rowe and their advisors, associates and  PA's. We determined a the best ways to do this would be to…

Create advisors bios with all relivant experience, details on the advisors, associates and PA's

Create pdf documents and printed brochures with all information  about products on offer

Build an website with access to all the information the clients may need

A client login to check on investments progress

A weekly blog where clients can keep up to date on there finances and the news surrounding them

Shortcuts to topics of the clients interest

Realtime updates on the stock markets

Social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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