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About this Project

Pepsi had planned on a Guinness World Records challenge to make the worlds largest moving peace sign. They wanted ti document it all in a creative manor for future reference and to commemorate the events of the day. They had teamed up with London based world-renowned graffiti artist Insa for this project. We were commissioned to document this event in the best possible way, highlighting the journey and immense scale of a project like this. 

Our solution

The first stage as a team was to brainstorm and develop a list of ideas for shots we should use. I then gave structure to the idea whilst aligning with the client's budget to created the full shot list and shared the final concept with he team. Once approved i Illustrated the storyboards breaking down the details for each scene.

We Met with Insa and the team at Pepsi to brief them on our concept. Insa docent usually show his face so we decided on a narration style documentary so he could freely give his input on the project expressing his opinions and artwork without compromising his face.

Pepsi Insa 1
Pepsi Insa 2
Pepsi Insa 3
Pepsi Insa 4
Pepsi Insa 5
Pepsi Insa 6
Pepsi Insa 7
Pepsi Insa 8
Pepsi Insa 9
Pepsi Insa 10
Pepsi Insa 11




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