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About this Project

We were asked to produce two activations for Qatar Airways at the worlds largest travel show, ITB in Berlin. 
The two key objectives were to educate the consumer about the quality of Qatar Airways First and Business class seats and to showcase the Qatar Airways new A350 XWB airbus.

Our solution

To meet the first objective we wanted the consumer to experience what it would be like to fly First and Business class with Qatar. We decided to re-create this experience at the stand offering seats with videos that we had created playing in the windows. These videos created the illusion that you were flying over Doha, Dubai, Paris, London, New York, Singapore and landing back in Qatar within 2 minutes. To enhance the experience there were air hostesses on the stand to guide you to your seats and offer you drinks.

We felt the best way to educate the consumer on the A350 plane was to create an interactive experience for the user to engage with the planes structure, controls, technical and safety information first hand. 
So we decided to build a holographic plane and interactive gesture-controlled screen in the stand which would allow the user to swipe left, right, up and down to view detailed visuals on the functions and features of the plane.

Qatar Project Storyboards

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The below image is our stand at ITB in Berlin, with the simulator highlighting the advantages of flying first and business class.

The exhibition was a big hit for Qatar Airlines drawing in larger crowds than previous years (approx 40% increase). There was also a lot of coverage on social media with visitors posting about their experience in the simulation, thereby achieving the clients objective. 

Sales of first & business class flights increased by 12% during the period of 3 months after the exhibition which meant the client was happy as the target was a 10% increase. 


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