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Roof is a first of its kind digital home service marketplace launched in 2020 that connects our customers with our trusted & vetted service providers

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UI/UX Designer & Illustrator

The Problem:

The UAE offers many home service providers, however, the majority are unreliable and inconsistent with the quality of service they provide. Consumers would also have to contact multiple providers and go through a trial and error process before finding their preferred provider, which takes up a lot of time.

The Objective:

To offer the customer a single platform that showcases the best of all home services required in terms of reliability, consistency, value for money and customer service.
The Strategy:

We developed a list of key stakeholders and held a workshop to understand what they each viewed as the most important function of the app. We then aligned and prioritised them together so that everyone was on board. We held focus groups and conducted surveys to research the current market trends and Roof's competitors.


After reviewing and analysing this data I was able to create customer personas, develop journey maps, crazy 8's, doodling, apply solution voting and draw storyboards.


I then created the low fi prototypes and tested it on a sample of potential end-users. We reviewed the feedback with the key stakeholders and defined the next steps and best way to proceed.

Reimagining the journey
On the face of it, the client’s journey seemed simple, however, the client wanted to show and explain all of its services on the first page which would have been overwhelming and led to a bad customer experience.
We managed to develop icons and simplify the customer journey providing the end-user with a simple, informative and easy to use app and website.
The Website & App
After analysing the data, consumer demographics and additional research relevant to the region we decided that only the app should be used to book services and the website should be used as an information hub with links directing customers towards the app.
Project Learnings
It was crucial to build a strong journey foundation before mocking up the layout as we would keep referring to the journey map with the client so that we didn’t lose sight of the key functions required for the app.
This client did not have their brand guidelines in place so creating wireframes was crucial to the success of this project.
Main Features

We decided the home page needs to allow the customer to:

  • View and book services

  •  Refer a friend

  • View the latest deals and offers

  • View Roof's USP's and vetting process

  • Watch the about roof video

  • View Calendar and alerts

  • Change language between English and Arabic

  • Search

  • View Profile

  • Open Menu

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Roof app & website
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User Experience

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Coming Soon

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