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Roles: UI/UX Designer

offering a variety of quality products delivered with the highest standards of customer service and safety.


Purveyors of delicious ice cream treat's to the entire UAE

Desert chill is a delivery service in the UAE that brings the ice-cream van experience to your door.


The Problem:

Desert chill was being forced out of the market due to the rise of Deliveroo and Uber Eats. The brand needed to be competitive in the market place by developing an app to offer the same experience and convenience of their competitors.

The Objective:

To connect to our customers in real-time and create a seamless and efficient UX for Desert Chill. 
The Strategy

We assembled a list of key stakeholders for Desert Chill and target audience and personas for the brand. 

We discussed how we wanted this tool to grow, evolve and developed multiple key functions

to take forward. We mapped out the customer journeys and added value to the USP without taking

away the experience of the Ice cream van man.

From this, we made a lean list of feature requirements for our App. We determined a customer should be able to…

  • Create a profile and save multiple addresses

  • See driver location and determine delivery times

  • Generate minimum order from the delivery radius

  • Order for now or book an event

  • Add the payment details

  • Have a pay by cash option to work well in the GCC

  • Option to contact driver once the order is confirmed

  • See real-time progress reports

  • Receive push notifications on truck locations and offers or events


Mobile app

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login 2
home 3
my event 5
make payment
menu 6
profile 8
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notifications 10


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Identifying Personas

Through analyzing the previous purchase history, we were able to determine our every-day customer was mainly families with children aged 2 -10. However, for events our customer base was much wider as the events included; birthday parties, corporate events and anyone after event catering. 
We noticed that the majority of Desert Chill's web traffic was for less than 50 seconds, which meant customers were simply looking to connect with their nearest drivers and place an order. So why not automate the process for them? This takes out the need to understand where our vehicles are and who the driver is, whilst also eliminating the pain of customers having to call the driver and be sure they have given accurate details of their address.



We connected with 200 of Desert Chill’s target customers via a questionnaire to gather information on customer needs and any pain points they may have.  The results showed that most of the customers felt there was alack of information on delivery times and not being able to plan around this.


Designing Patterns

I then began designing a visual language of colour, typography, and scale for the tool. I approached this from two ways. Bottom up, I designed individual visual elements. For example, I established conventions and behavior for buttons and interactive elements.
Artboard 5.png
On the flip side, I took a holistic view of the system as I worked, ensuring that all elements worked together. This meant standardized spacing, a consistent colour scheme, type sizes pulled from our living style guide. This brought the UI together and painted a cohesive experience for our user.
Designing the Flow

First, I tackled the ordering journey, this is split up into two paths. Path one is for ASAP bookings

under the order now button which we aimed to have mostly automated after the first order to make the flow more efficient.

The other path is to book an event which has to be booked a day in advance and requires more details and stages, for example, time of the event, the longevity of the event, type of event, budget and so on. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 15.58.00.png

Desert Chill App & Website

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