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Rebrand ​- Desert Chill

Role ​- Creative Director

Objective ​- Brand Awareness and Realignment

The Challenge

Desert Chill, an ice cream and cold treats company operating on a user-centric model, faced challenges in establishing a consistent and compelling brand identity to differentiate itself in a crowded market.

The brand was often perceived as a treat catering to children, which led to them being over shadowed by competitors. Recognising the need for change, Desert Chill required a fresh and distinctive new brand identity that would resonate with its intended audience of both adults and children but also allow for further expansion.

The solution

The strategic solution involved the creation of a distinct and easily recognisable brand identity that captures the essence of Desert Chill: a blend of sophistication and playfulness. To ensure clarity across its diverse offerings and highlight the unique qualities, we revamped the brand architecture, resulting in the introduction of multiple sub-brands. These include: Soovy, Wild Pops, DCK, and Bungo, each thoughtfully tailored to represent distinct product categories, spanning from standard to premium selections.

Each sub-brand was equipped with its own design system and templates. The templates facilitated cobranding scenarios and potential franchise opportunities. Throughout this process, our primary objective was to strike a balance between the positioning of the brand and the enticing packaging of the product.

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The Result

Desert Chill successfully distinguished itself from its competitors through rebranding. The eye-catching  visuals and creatively named flavours resonated well with the intended audience, fostering brand advocacy and repeat business. Desert Chill expanded rapidly in 2021, securing contracts with EXPO 2020 followed by malls across the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Louvre, and they are currently expanding through Asia and Africa.



User Experience

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Coming Soon

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