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Branding ​- Bonbonniere

Role ​- Creative Director

Objective ​- Brand Launch

The Challenge

Bonbonnier faced the challenge of launching a international nightlife brand providing an unparalleled night out that guarantees unforgettable entertainment. With numerous established competitors, the brand needed to create a unique identity that would resonate with party-goers and stand out from the crowd to a aspirational and influential audience and want to effectively showcase the high standard and personalised service they provide as a brand.

The Solution

After conducting thorough research into the clubbing, food & beverage, and hospitality industries, I gained insight into the distinct nuances of each sector and how they could relate to the brand. With this understanding, I collaborated with the team to devised a strategic approach to position “Bonbonnier” distinctively in the market. The goal was to shift its perception from being solely about entertainment but to take a more personal hospitality approach, embedding the brand with a broader and more sophisticated appeal.

It was vital that each “Bonbonnier” destination maintains its unique identity, yet still aligns with the overarching brand essence. This strategy ensured a balance between individuality and brand coherence, allowing each location to stand out while remaining unmistakably part of the “Bonbonnier” family.

Subsequently, I established the foundation for the visual identity, capturing the brand’s essence. This was followed by designing a distinct brand mark, an exhaustive exploration of typefaces, and the crafting of a versatile design system. This system was intentionally designed to accommodate and seamlessly integrate new locations, future-proofing “Bonbonnier” and facilitating the brand’s expansion.

The Result

Bonbonnier has swiftly risen to global acclaim, establishing itself as one of the premier venues for entertainment across its various locations. Under Joe Fournier’s leadership, the brand has not only surpassed the popularity of his previous ventures, Whisky Mist and Mahiki, but it has also successfully expanded its presence in UK, Italy, Greece and Mexico.



User Experience

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