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Marketing Capaign ​- Dubizzle It

Role ​- Creative Director

Objective ​- Brand awareness / Animal Welfare & Environmental Awareness Campaigning

The Challenge

Dubizzle needed a dynamic and memorable campaign to emphasize its versatility and significance in the UAE, particularly to newcomers in Dubai. The goal was to convey that, for any buying or selling needs – be it a home, car, or even a pet – dubizzle is the one-stop solution. The campaign also aimed to connect with audiences in a fun, engaging manner, leveraging popular social media trends.

The solution

The team conceptualized a 60-second ad featuring the catchy #dubizzleit song. The narrative followed the lead, Flo Akinbiyian, who starts his journey flying over the UAE and ends up skydiving directly into the heart of Dubai. Incorporating visually impactful scenes, the creative showcased the essence of dubizzle - how easily one can find anything, from homes to mobile phones. By integrating trendy dance moves and iconic UAE scenes like the Palm Jumeirah, the ad appealed to the youthful, dynamic spirit of the target audience. It also highlighted key features of dubizzle, like the new car hub and the “Adopt don’t Shop” CSR initiative, making it informative while retaining a fun vibe.

Creative Concept Sketches 


The Campaign

The campaign was prominently showcased across the UAE, with advertisements displayed on billboards at petrol stations, broadcasted through television commercials (TVCs), and promoted on social media platforms. The dance sequence from the campaign gained significant traction, leading to a trending movement where individuals were inspired to create and share their own versions of the "dubizzle it" dance videos.
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The Result

The campaign successfully encapsulated the brand's essence in a minute, resonating with audiences across the UAE. The integration of popular trends, combined with the catchy rap track, created a buzz, leading to increased engagement and brand recall. The homage to the "Adopt don’t Shop" initiative also reinforced dubizzle's commitment to community-driven causes. The ad effectively positioned dubizzle as the top-of-mind platform for buying and selling needs in the UAE, while also allowing audiences to connect, dance, and groove with the brand.

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User Experience

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