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Branding ​- AHR

Role ​- Head of Design

Objective ​- Rebrand

The Challenge

AHR was formed as part of a merger between two wealth management firms, which led to the requirement for a new brand logo and identity that would distinguish them in a highly competitive marketplace dominated by well-established players. The objective was to create a design system that not only instills trust within an audience of HNI’s, but that would also allow for the introduction of future sub-brands and global expansion. 

The solution​

I engaged in extensive discussions with all board members to gain insights into their vision for the new brand. Following this, I carried out a thorough brand audit, comparing the brand with competitors to assess AHR’s standing in the market. Guided by these insights, I took the lead in formulating a brand strategy that closely aligned with the preferences and expectations of our target audience.

Our next step involved translating these strategic decisions into action. Together we conceptualised and established a visual identity that authentically captures the essence and values of the company. It was also important to make sure there was consistency across all of the affiliated enterprises. After a few rounds of feedback and amends I introduced a comprehensive design system, guaranteeing uniformity in all of the visual materials.

Taking it a step further, I created all of the print and digital collateral required for customers and AHR’s owned platforms ensuring a high standard of output.

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The Results

The rebranding initiative brought substantial positive results for AHR Group. Through the new brand identity, the company secured its position as a reliable and forward-thinking contender in the wealth management space. The revamped website and marketing materials effectively conveyed the brand’s value proposition, resulting in heightened customer engagement and increased conversion rates. The coherence in messaging and visual elements not only elevated brand recognition but also fostered credibility among both current and prospective clients, resulting in a surge of leads and the team successfully achieving their sales targets.

In addition, the rebranding project propelled AHR Wealth Management’s reputation within the industry, paving the way for expansion across Asia, Europe, North America, and Australasiindustry and helped them to expand in Asian as well as in Europe, North America, Austrilasia.



User Experience

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Coming Soon

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